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I had foreseen that a person needs to experience for some people - in man. I was not old cock and I was tired of all the devices jizzbo that jizzbo come with the pussy. it had decided, in a pub beer first, then take back jizzbo to his place. I arrived in time and saw it. I have a pint then approached him to come. We had a chat and a couple of beers. I was very happy with it and decided to go ahead. The two arrived at their house. Just had to say I do not like hugging, jizzbo kissing or anything like what he was fine. We went straight to his bedroom and he was the first out of his clothes. He did not say how big was his cock, but when he jumped out of his pants, there were at least 7 cm. There hung a great pair of balls coming down. I had an immediate erection and could not see me. I kneel before him and started sucking his cock. Not seem to mind that I rocked on his cock very hard. After a couple of minutesminutes of the suction that lay their eggs in my mouth at once and gave them a quick suck and tongue. my saliva dripping from his penis when I got up and took off my clothes. I went to bed on all fours getting ass